$BOND Token

What is the $BOND token?

The $BOND token is a governance token that powers the BarnBridge DAO protocol. $BOND is an ERC-20 token. Holders of the token will have the ability to govern the network by staking their holdings in return for the right to govern the network. The $BOND token is tradeable on any exchange and storable on any wallet that has adopted the ERC-20 token standard - providing broad access across the world.

What is $BOND token total supply?

The total amount of $BOND tokens is fixed at 10,000,000. There is no ability to create or issue additional tokens.

What is the $BOND token contract address?


What is the token distribution?

The distribution breakdown is designed to facilitate the most decentralized protocol and make sure power doesn’t reside in the hands of a few.

How long is the vesting schedule?

The vesting schedule is designed so that there is not a giant cliff waiting over user’s heads at a specific point. The tokens allocated to the Founders, Seed Investors, and Advisors are locked in a smart contract that releases the tokens on a weekly basis over a two year period. The vesting period started with the launch of the Yield Farming mechanism. Learn More.

How many tokens are released each week?

As of right now, a total of 79,000 %BOND tokens is distributed weekly.

  • USDC/DAI/sUSD Pool: 32,000;

  • USDC/BOND Pool: 20,000;

  • $BOND #Hodl Pool: 5,000;

  • Team vesting: 22,000.

What are $BOND NFT tokens?

BarnBridge Non-Fungible Tokens program was an additional initiative for rewarding active community participants with custom ERC-721 NFTs. The program has ended on Jan 28th, 2021. Read more in this Medium post, also taking the ticker for $BOND, were just another way of incentivizing early project supporters may be and will likely be completely pointless outside of being cool and fun. Every $BOND NFT is one of a kind. There may be similar ones in the collection but no 2 are exactly the same. Downstream, we’ve seen DeFi projects propose using NFTs as proof of liquidity in income streams & wrapped NFTs as loan representations. With almost every high profile DeFi project experimenting in one way or another, the point is clear: DeFi is looking into NFTs. While we’ve been looking at what NFTs mean for DeFi, at the moment, we’re just paying attention. Learn more in our Medium article.