BarnBridge v2
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DAO v1 Withdrawal Guide

This guide provides step-by-step instructions for withdrawing BOND tokens from BarnBridge DAO v1 using Etherscan

Before you start

Make sure you have access to the wallet you used to stake in the DAO.

How to withdraw

Step 1 - Open DAO Contract

Go to Etherscan and search for the DAO BARN smart contract address: 0x10e138877df69Ca44Fdc68655f86c88CDe142D7F​

Step 2 - Get Your Staking Balance

  • Go to Read as Proxy
  • Connect your wallet to Etherscan
  • Put your wallet address into balanceOf method and click "Query"
  • Copy uint256 value that represents your staking balance in the DAO
Copy your staking balance

Step 3 - Withdraw BOND

  • Go to Write as Proxy
  • Put the copied value of your staking balance into withdraw method and click "Write"
Withdraw your BOND