Where to start?

BarnBridge is the first risk tokenizing protocol. It allows hedging yield sensitivity and price volatility. BarnBridge does this by accessing debt pools on other DeFi protocols and transforming single pools into multiple assets with varying risk/return characteristics.

If you want to learn more about the project you should start by reading our Introducing BarnBridge article on our blog. For a better understanding of the idea behind BarnBbridge take a look at our Whitepaper. In addition, you can view all our contributors on the team page.

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What is the purpose of the project?

We started BarnBridge because we want to use it.

BarnBridge seeks to provide a range of products that allows investors of all skill levels to manage their individual and portfolio risk exposure through a secure, decentralized, and permissionless platform.

At scale, BarnBridge allows you to trade in and out of any risk exposed position for any asset in the world. Assuming infinite liquidity, we can build infinite numbers of products and hedged strategies.

Is there a Telegram group?

We do have a Telegram group but we’re currently building community on Discord.

Attention! The only official BarnBridge Telegram group is Other groups or bots are scams. Please, report as you see them.

Are you considering L2 as a possible solution for improving gas fee efficiency?

Yes, we’re definitely looking at L2 solutions and their adoption across other protocols. Check some of our previous answers on Discord: here and here.